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Our work has changed quite a lot over the years with the introduction of new equipment, new techniques, changing procedures, and the rising cost of electricity.  I look at my job as enthusiastically keeping up with all the changes, making sure all my crews are aware of them and use good judgments when they make decisions working on the equipment.

One of the biggest parts of our work, is to thoroughly understand exactly what your problems are and what you expect of us so that you will be completely satisfied with our performance when we are through.

The way we actually perform our work is that we do not want to become the largest air conditioning and heating company in Central  Florida but we do want to be the best one.

Our work actually consists of four different types: Sales, Service, Repairs, and Duct Cleaning.

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We sell air conditioning and heating units that are commercially available in Polk County Florida.
Through the years our work experience has shown us several of these units that we consider economical, durable, and efficient; and our recommendations depend upon what you are trying to accomplish.  We would like you to understand that if you have a preferred brand that you like, we would also be happy to sell you that one.

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Rheem heat pump

inspecting part of the condenser unit

inspecting part of the condenser unit



Regular service is necessary for the longevity of the conditioning units and we provide service for all brands.  What this service does is it keeps the AC or heating unit working efficiently and With the electric prices rising the way they are, you will save more than you spend on this service in the long run not to mention less breakdowns and interruption of your service.



We repair all makes and models of AC and Heating units. We understand that when your AC or heating unit breaks down, how uncomfortable it gets and we will be there as soon as we can to fix it properly.  When these units break down it is kind of like when you car breaks down, most people don't fix their own cars anymore and you need to have trust in the people that you get to fix it.  They can tell you anything and you have no alternative but to trust them. Click here to lean more about repairs.


Repairing condinserrepairing a 20 yr old Rheem condinser


vacuuming the air duct

vacuuming the air duct



With Florida's high heat and high humidity, this service helps to prevent the spread of germs and mildew through out the house.  We vacuum and sanitize the air conditioner's air ducts and install a ultraviolet light to continue to  kill germs and fungus in the air as it is circulated through out the  house.
To learn more about what to watch out for with this service please click here.



All four of these activities above involve one common thread - trust. At RPD AC and Heating inc. we have worked hard to develop this trust with our customers and our employees and it shows in our repeat customers and the fact that they refer us to their friends. We have worked hard for this, and we value our reputation greatly and this is behind every thing we tell you.